Monday, June 6, 2011

Where would we be without technology?

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The world has definitely come a long way. Gone are the days of penning letters and going to the post office to buy stamps. With the invention of the Internet, we can transmit information including photos, audio and video messages in real time. We can transact business or keep in touch with family and friends who may be in another part of the world in a different time zone. Quite recently I was chatting on google with one of my long time school friends who I’ve been reunited with via a social networking site. In a few minutes I was able to post to my blog about the very same issue we were conversing on and send the post to her…she commented on the speed in which it was done and we both marveled at how fabulous technology and the Internet has evolved. Incidentally when it’s nighttime in my part of the world, it’s morning in hers and vice versa as she now lives in Hong Kong.

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For those of us so inclined, we can do podcasts, voicenotes, conference calls and chats via the ever popular BlackBerry messenger (bbm) or email. We can record our children’s first steps and words; our parents 70th birthday or 50th anniversary; a fun time at the beach with pets/friends or simply “Living La Vida Loca!” All this made memorable through technology: mobile phones, computers, video recorders and several other digital gadgets. Television, dvds, wifi, wireless Internet, routers, cable, satellite, facsimile, digital cameras, scanners, cordless phones, projectors, kindles, iPads, iPods, iPhones,  mp3 players and ALL computer applications evolving daily! Isn’t it marvelous! When we are old and gray we can look back on our youth with a smile. When our loved ones are no longer around we can preserve their memory in tangible form to be relived sporadically whenever we feel like it. Through digitization we can enjoy music, movies and take it with us anywhere we go. Commercials, music and movies from yesteryear are my personal fav as I love the 80s!

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The wonders of technology do not end there. It goes beyond communication and entertainment. We can be transported almost anywhere in the world via aviation and through the transmission of air traffic signals, so we can visit loved ones and travel to new and exciting places recording our memories. Man has even walked on the moon! Travel by sea  and shipping is also an option for us in today's world. Technology also affords us the opportunity to use our purchasing power without carrying along cash everywhere we go as a modern safety precaution or credit facility. This ease of accessibility allows us to shop or pay bills online, pay via debit or credit card at merchants or access cash at any ATM worldwide. It has also allowed for the transfer of money for personal or business purposes via wire transfers etc. Technology has also permitted breakthroughs in medicine for once incurable illnesses.

These are just some things that make life easier and more comfortable. Of course we must give credit for the Divine inspiration that allowed the manmade invention to occur in the first place. Life is beautiful. We have evolved by leaps and bounds. We are able to witness things that our parents and grandparents were not able to, for that we should be grateful. We are now part of history. Give thanks for life! ©

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Can you think of any other gadgets or ways technology has made our lives easier?? Feel free to post your comments right here onto the site!!

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