Saturday, May 7, 2011

Be Spontaneous!

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Sometimes the best things happen when they are unplanned. Spontaneity is the name of the game when you’re looking for a good time. This week had its ups and downs. Last Saturday I was called upon to do some marketing at an expo for the launch of a new issue of a magazine I contribute turned out quite well although it was not planned. Monday became an adventure when what I thought was going to be a trip to the gym became a trip to Häagen-Dazs, (*hangs head in shame*) where I ran into a friend who I got to know better. Unfortunately by Tuesday my sinus acted up again and I was down for a couple days but I’m on the road to recovery once more...the wonders of modern medicine are amazing!! During the downtime in one of my better moments I was able to revitalize a dream that I had shelved for a moment too long. So I decided to catch up on some correspondence with a publisher re: the publication of a collection of my articles.  I even recorded a voicenote which turned out well and surprised even me (because of my congestion) and received an amazing response from my friends and relatives!

Today was the birthday of someone near and dear to me and my plans got foiled, but all was not lost…in the end it turned out well and they enjoyed their day. The moral of this story is that sometimes you don’t know why things turn out a particular way, but there is a bigger plan for each moment of our lives. Only later on may we realize the reason. Each moment can be attributed to the pieces of a puzzle, every one necessary for the overall picture...only when it all comes together shall we understand the importance of each moment. Although initially we may feel some disappointment, the end result may be a blessing in disguise in some cases. If we look at each day as an adventure to behold, being grateful for life when we open our eyes and rise every morning, we would discover the beauty of life and all that it holds for us. You never know who you would meet or what lessons you would learn as the day progresses. With the right mindset your day can be transformed into an amazing adventure! ©
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