Sunday, April 17, 2011

Are you trapped in TV Land??

Sometimes we need to be mindful of the message the media sends to us…. song lyrics, videos, movies and TV shows can all be entertaining but it leaves us wondering what is the meaning of it all ---especially for impressionable minds it can be a bit misleading. Not only the young ones are susceptible to this but also persons who may not have a firm grasp of reality or knowledge of themselves. I love music, movies and TV (some) as much as the next person but does it really alter our perception of real life and influence our judgement? Although it is sometimes a microcosm of our world ---we need to be careful that we don’t get consumed by it all. Be that as it may, when I first started
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typing this post, it was really my intention to pay tribute to TV shows of today and yesterday. One of my earlier posts made mention of 80s shows but there are some from the 90s and today that were memorable. I don’t get a chance to watch much TV anymore but when I do these are some of my favourites…can you think of anymore? ©

Le Femme Nikita (1990s)

Highlander (1990s)

Saved by the Bell (1990s)
My so-called life (1990s)
Relativity (1990s)

Melrose Place (1990s)
Beverly Hills 90210 (1990s)
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Sister Sister (1990s)

The Parkers (1990s)

Blossom (1990s)

Full House (1990s)
Who's the Boss (1990s)

Living Single (1990s)

Fresh Prince of Bel Air (1990s)

Party of Five (1990s)

Mad About You (1990s)

Nikita (present)
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Gossip Girl (present)

The Game (present)
Girlfriends (recent)
Friends (recent)
Will and Grace (recent)

The New Adventures of Old Christine

The Big Bang Theory

Two and a Half Men

How I met your mother
The Simpsons

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