Friday, March 25, 2011

Positive and Negative

It's true that you are an amalgamation of all the experiences you would have had in your lifetime. Every experience have shaped you into the person who you are today. But one cannot blame their present actions and the situation they find themselves in at the present moment on their past history.  

Sometimes we get caught up in a viscous cycle but we can’t allow ourselves to fall into that trap and stay entrapped forever. Easier said than done right? Hmm maybe, but whether it is an issue of trust or simply escaping an unhealthy situation there is always a way out or solution to our problem. 

Success stories are borne out of hardship and trials. When we are faced with a difficult situation, we can look at it as a test -a test of our strength, fortitude and willpower. I can certainly testify to many a test of my faith and resilience and today I can say that there is always a rainbow after the storm if only you believe. You can never give up the battle and always keep striving to achieve your true potential.

It is also important to remember that there will never be an ideal situation – the perfect situation in life does not exist…you may never have the perfect career, child[ren] or meet the perfect man or woman. These things are elusive. If someone says that their life is perfect then they are probably not telling you the whole story and we must remember that things are not always what they seem. 

You have to make life perfect in your own way. You have to be happy and grateful for your blessings and fortune in life…always looking for the good. Although it is not always easy to look at life in this way since we are human and we live in an imperfect world, however what we want is in within our reach if only we see it for what it’s worth.  

As a child my father always told me that the world is made up of positive and negative and although the details of the story are a bit fuzzy at the moment, the message stuck with me throughout my life. It is up to us to choose. The positive path will always lead to happiness ultimately. If we choose the negative we will either learn from our mistakes eventually or if we don’t we will self-destruct. So we don’t want to choose that path regardless of how alluring, exciting or glamorous it looks from the outside. 

As I reflect on all the many periods in my life ---the happiest times were when I was with company I enjoyed and doing the things I loved. If I’ve learnt anything from my years on this earth, is to keep those you love close and show your appreciation in simple but meaningful ways because you don’t know how long they will be in your life; always follow your dream and don’t put off something you can do today for tomorrow because life is short and unpredictable and you may never get another chance. 

The world is yours for the taking, free yourself of your inhibitions…be cautious especially with matters of the heart but learn to trust your instincts and let go …let it all unfold…step outside and let your dreams become reality. ©

“But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away.”
[1 Corinthians 13:10]

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