Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Special Feeling

Today is exactly one month away from the big day. There’s a certain feeling in the air now that Christmas is drawing nearer and nearer.  Not just the darkening of the sky a bit earlier or the slight drop in temperatures and rainy days around these parts but it’s a special feeling…Maybe of nostalgia of Christmases past or maybe of all the planning and preparation. But underneath it all do we remember why we are doing all of this? Do we remember to keep Christ in Christmas no matter what denomination or religion? Do we remember the ‘reason for the season’ while we hustle and bustle and spend it all in a hurry as if it won’t mean as much any other time of year? Christmas is not about the presents or the ham or turkey, snow, mistletoe, stockings or punch de crème. It’s about the feeling it invigours, the people around us that we share it with, it’s about the sacrifices that were made for us to enjoy a better life.  How we spend it is up to us but we need to give thanks that we have life to spend another Christmas with our loved ones for there are many others who were not as fortunate.  I am alive!  You are alive! No greater gift than that. We are privileged beings to be present in this era. We need to give thanks and live every moment as if it is a gift. Give of ourselves freely and we will appreciate the feeling it creates. ©

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