Sunday, October 17, 2010

Live life to the fullest!!

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It just dawned on me that I haven’t blogged yet for the month of October….so here I am. The months just seem to be flying by…to me summer just ended and now October is almost thru…wow! I have family visiting again and sometimes it’s nice just to get away….it’s refreshing. I was just telling a friend that there’s so much I wanna do with my life…. and it’s just finding the time and resources…life is so exciting to not enjoy it. I don’t know how some people can get bored with their life. Life is made to be enjoyed to the fullest....I just love it!!! And it’s not because I have the most exciting life…but it’s because I get pleasure from the simplest things in life. Every little moment is made to be savoured….music, the outdoors, animals, work, travel, hobbies, people: family, friends…LIFE! ©

So people enjoy it cos you’ve only got one life to live! Live it up to the max:D

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