Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reward yourself: You deserve it!

Sometimes we need to reward ourselves for a job well done, accomplishing one of our goals or just being one step closer to living a life of peace and contentment. Whatever the reason I am sure it feels good to treat ourselves lavishly if only for a day or an hour. It sends a signal to ourselves that we are capable of great things and provides an incentive to keep on reaching for the stars. Too many times we let people rule our lives and prevent us from living unfettered. The sky is the limit to our accomplishments if only we believe.

This one is for that group of daring people I just spent the last three months with conquering our fears together and doing crazy things that I would never have dreamt of doing say maybe 10 years ago..."Murder & Mayhem" maybe at first....but fun it was!

When was the last time you heard this one???!!!


  1. Well said appropriate use of TIIMMEE the last three mths were. Thanx for this tag, C.K. I will have fun checking in with you and tapping into your thoughts.

  2. Thanks chick...indeed it was...btw like ur alias:-)